Raised Rowdy Reviews “This Town”

“I’d love to give you an introduction, but “This Town” damn near stopped me in my tracks. The second you turn it on it strikes you – the clarity behind the strum of the guitar and the sexy huskiness of Sam’s voice perfectly describes his story. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes a song special, but with this one it’s easy. Even when the song ends, his voice echoes through your mind, stuck in your head over and over again, until all you can think about is the lyrics and the melody.

One of the reasons you will find “This Town” so captivating, as a fan, is partly because it hits you straight in the first few seconds of the song. Grow sets the scene perfectly and descriptively – “Said you moved to Tupelo, a couple months ago, she said you loved it and you won’t come back, if I’m being honest girl, I hate to hear that.” This line particularly can make you empathize with his situation, being that you can remember a time where you wished the absolute best for someone, yet part of you wishes they’d kinda hate their new situation, so maybe they’d come back.” – Raised Rowdy

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