Sam Grow to Release New Album, “Manchester” on October 21

Sam Grow to Release New Album, “Manchester” on October 21st. “I always try to write songs and albums from a very real place.  So when I was thinking of the album title, it just seemed right to pay tribute to the real place that all these stories and songs happened in.  Manchester, TN is where I live and I’ve fallen in love with the people and the peace that I’ve found in this new little hometown of mine.  I’m so proud of this album and I hope my community here is, too.” Pre-save the album here:

01 Live It Down 
02 Staying Over 
03 Without You
04 Truck In The Yard 
05 Over Me By Now 
06 Maybe 
07 Good At Lyin’
08 If I Had It My Way 
09 Past a Heartbreak ft. ACORN 
10 Cheap Whiskey
11 Found Love 
12 Bar Like This


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