Sam Grow Releases New Single “Had It For A While” Available Now



Country music songsmith Sam Grow brings in the bonfire season with his latest track, “Had It For A While,” available now via Average Joes Entertainment. Grow, who has amassed over 120 million streams across his vast discography, continues to gear up for his next full-length album expected to be released in early 2024.

“It’s bonfire season, baby,” shares Grow via his Instagram. “I had to give y’all a little country song to turn up to while you’re out there sipping on something and watching the wood burn.”

Co-written with Alexandria Corn, Blake Wood, and produced by Grow himself, the single paints a vivid picture of close-knit community that cherishes the small moments, celebrating the Southern way of life and conveying a sense of pride in his cultural heritage.


You might say we’re stuck in our ways

But y’all can’t do it like this

It came from our mamaws and our papaws 

And they hand it down to their kids

Some call it redneck but you ain’t gotta get 

This good ole boy lifestyle

Yeah the southern chip on our shoulder boy 

We’ve had it for a while


“Had It For A While” is now available for purchase and stream on all major digital platforms!


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