Sam Grow Announces Upcoming Album Avalon Avenue Due January 19th

Avalon Avenue



Country music hitmaker Sam Grow has announced his fifth full-length album, Avalon Avenue, due January 19th, 2024 via Average Joes Entertainment. Along with the announcement, Grow shares the focus track for the upcoming project, “Loretta,” available now for download and stream on all major digital platforms.

The self-produced album, which was mainly recorded in the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, features 12 tracks including previously released singles such as “Red Lights,” “Way I’m Living,” and “You” as well as never-before-heard singles like “Sweet Jane” and “Skynard.” Avalon Avenue reflects on Grow’s personal hardships, from struggling with sobriety to experiencing loneliness, and was written with frequent collaborators such as Alexandria Corn, James LeBlanc, and more. 


Avalon Avenue Track Listing 

  1. “Had It For A While” (Sam Grow, Alexandria Corn, Blake Wood)
  2. “Red Lights” (Sam Grow, James LeBlanc)
  3. “Loretta” (Johnny Gates)
  4. “You” (Sam Grow, Johnny Gates)
  5. “Relapse” (Sam Grow, Alexandria Corn, Reed Waddle)
  6. “Random Acts of Loneliness” (Sam Grow, James LeBlanc)
  7. “Way I’m Living” (Sam Grow, Alexandria Corn, Brandon Manley)
  8. “When I’m Sober” (Sam Grow, Cody Cooper, James LeBlanc, Todd Cameron, Jared Harder)
  9. “Sweet Jane” (Alexandria Corn, James LeBlanc, Brice Long)
  10. “The Queen” (Sam Grow, James LeBlanc)
  11. “Skynard” (Sam Grow, Brandon Manley, Blake Wood)
  12. “Ain’t Gotta Fight No More” (Sam Grow, Jeff Middleton, Dave Kennedy)
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